Wahl 4 Piece Classic Shave Set with Silver Tip Nylon Brush

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Wahl 4 Piece Classic Shave Set with Silver Tip Nylon Brush

The classically stylish range of Traditional Barbers products from Wahl have been designed to take shaving from a chore to a luxurious and classy experience. Traditionally handmade for the professional barber, the product is designed to perform at the optimum level and captures the essence and heritage not only of the Wahl brand, but of the Traditional Barber Trade itself.


This 4-piece gift set comes with a Silver Tip Nylon Brush that dries faster than natural brushes and have the benefit of being animal-free version of the real thing. Using a shaving brush makes it easier for you to get the ideal lather consistency before shaving, whilst lubricating around the hairs that your fingers can’t reach. As well as this, it helps to clean and exfoliate the face, removing any dead skin and making you look and feel more refreshed. 


The Double Edge Safety Razor offers a close shave and less maintenance than a straight edge blade. It has a protective guard positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin, to reduce the chance of cutting yourself when shaving.


Start looking after your skin by mixing natural soaps and creams into the stainless-steel bowl provided in this gift set.  Store your set neatly on the bathroom counter with our stylish Zinc Alloy Stand!



Silver Tip Nylon Brush, Shaving Razor, Stainless Steel Bowl, Zinc Alloy Stand

  • 4-piece set
  • Animal-cruelty free
  • Silver Tip Nylon brush exfoliates and lathers skin
  • Safety Razor provides a close shave
  • Stainless Steel mixing bowl
  • Stylish stand to hold products on
  • Includes: Brush, Razor, Bowl and Stand

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Product attributes
  • Category: Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Shaving & Grooming > Razors & Razor Blades
  • Brand: Wahl
  • Colour: Stone Grey
  • Size: AU
  • SKU: 010673
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