Versafit Flooring Commercial 15mm Reversible Rubber Gym Tile

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Versafit Flooring Commercial 15mm Reversible Rubber Gym Tile

The team at Versafit have worked tirelessly to develop and design a safe, durable and practical commercial reversible gym tile with a bevel on either side. The Only Reversible Commercial Gym Tile with a Bevel on Either Side. This is the only rubber tile on the market, which can be flipped to extend the lifetime of the flooring for any facility. Designed for busy commercial fitness facilities with heavy foot traffic, the Reversible Rubber Gym Tile can be flipped to last up to 2x the general life expectancy of your average recycled rubber gym tile. VersaFit is made to last in the busiest of gyms, cross-training boxes, clubs and workout areas without cracking or breaking. VersaFit can be installed in areas with heavy foot traffic (free-weight areas, strength training areas and group class areas, etc.) and will last the test of time through daily use. Safety is the number one concern for commercial gym applications. VersaFit has been designed for excellent performance across slip resistance, fire and smoke emissive conditions to ensure safety in the workplace and gymnasium whilst exceeding all compliant requirements. All VersaFloor products are made with raw materials that are known to not pose any hazard to the environment and to the people during manufacturing and handling process; free of asbestos, free of halogens and free of PVC. VersaFit Gym Floor Tiles use direction free rubber chips, in a variety of colours which allow for a wide variety of patterns to give you the flexibility to suite your space. Suitable for indoors and outdoors*. By using the highest quality rubbers and compounds, flexibility and permanent resiliency are maintained throughout its life offering a very high degree of comfort under-foot and anti-fatigue. This is particularly important for use in gyms and fitness clubs. Simply sweep the surface of your flooring with a soft-bristled broom or use a vacuum to clean. VersaFit contains a microbial treatment which ensures freshness at all times and reduces the risk of mould build up. VersaFit contains a high percentage of recycled rubber and contains no substances that cause harm to the environment. It is halogen

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  • Category: Sporting Goods > Combat Sports > Boxing & Martial Arts Protective Gear
  • Brand: VersaFit Flooring
  • SKU: VF-RRT15
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