The Evolution Croquet Mallet

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The Evolution Croquet Mallet

The Evolution Square Head Mallet – 92cm Overall Length These mallets have evolved after several years sourcing the best possible materials and testing different concepts and configurations. It is only relatively recently that the rules of croquet allowed the use of metal end plates which enables mallets to be considerably more efficient and effective.The mallet heads feature 8mm thick milled stainless steel end plates. These are also used to provide peripheral weighting to an attractive Indian Rosewood heads that measure 55mm wide by 60mm high.The standard head length is 25cm.Handle length excluding head is 85cm. Overall weight 3lb (1.36kg)The steel head plates are attached using a slightly flexible bond which is extremely strong and produces a satisfying “clunk” when struck. Horizontal milled lines on the hitting surface allow the player to impart spin on the ball when required.The timber we use in the heads is Indian rosewood which is air dried in block form for over a year. This is chosen for its rich color, beautiful grain and stability. The inlaid sighting line is made from sycamore.These superbly balanced mallets provide the player with more power and yet maintain better control. By increasing the length of the head, and re-distributing some of the mass to the striking faces, the moment of inertia is increased. This makes the head more stable during the swing, particularly for making accurate rushes, long roquets, and hitting-in. Also the mallet is less likely to twist when shots are hit off-center 

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