Skinstitut Laser Aid 200ml

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Skinstitut Laser Aid 200ml

SKINSTITUT LASER AID 200ml Laser Aid contains a rich blend of antoixidants including Vitamin E and Co-Enzyme Q-10 to accelerate healing of damaged skin following dermatological and laser procedures. This soothing, moisturising ‘aid’ helps speed the natural cell replacement process, nourishes skin, alleviates discomfort and reduces skin inflammation. For sensitive, red skin Benefits: Ultra soothing & cooling Contains Canadian Willowherb to instantly cool hot, reactive or sun exposed skin Contains a rich blend of vitamin concentrates (A, B5, E, F & H) and antioxidants that assist in skin repair Addresses skin reactivity, redness and irritation post cosmetic procedures including laser, IPL and waxing May be used as a cooling antibacterial mask Ingredients: Canadian Willowherb Witch Hazel extract Aloe Vera Cucumber Oil How to use: Apply liberally to affected area up to four times per day until redness subsides. Remove excess with tissue. To be used after all laser procedures with the exception of Co2 lasers. Do not rub excessively. Do not apply over open skin. A warming sensation may be experienced post application, as this product is designed to bring heat out of the skin. Contents: 1 x Laser Aid 200ml

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  • Category: Skin Care [Health and Beauty]
  • Brand: Skinstitut
  • Colour: Black
  • SKU: 11294649
  • Model Number: LA200
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