PTPFit Yoga Loop Strap

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PTPFit Yoga Loop Strap

The Yoga Loop allows you to move slowly into poses, feel your own body’s restrictions and stay well in control for a safe yoga practice. By closing the gap in challenging hand/foot binds, the Yoga 8Loop provides the necessary assistance and support to leverage your Asanas. Use it to warm-up, ease into poses, improve your shoulder alignment or feet positioning and master your yoga technique. Key Features Rehab: Suitable for injury prevention and rehabilitation Flexibility: Stretching and body toning. To lengthen muscles and increase range of motion. Balance: Joint stabilisation and core control. Ideal to improve motor coordination and posture. Lightweight: extremely compact and versatile, to take with you to every class. Nothing to set up, usable right away, fits easily into any bag Durable: Special construction to allow limited stretch and superior durability. Made from a unique woven material with resisted elasticity properties User-friendly: Yoga poses and stretches included in a user-friendly poster (all levels represented) The Small Yoga Loop has been specifically designed for devoted yogis with narrow shoulder width or great flexibility. This Medium Yoga Loop has been created for yogis with normal shoulder width or average flexibility. The Large Yoga Loop is created especially for individuals with broad shoulders or limited flexibility

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