Nordictrack T12 Treadmill

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Nordictrack T12 Treadmill

Take your cardio to the next level with the new T12.0 Folding Treadmill from NordicTrack, featuring a top speed of 22km/h, 32 pre-set workouts, 7″ full colour capacitive touchscreen display and FlexSelect Cushioning. *Tablet shown in the images is not included* Built with a 3.0 CHP drive system and 1.6″ precision machined and balanced non-flex rollers, the T12.0 is the ideal cardio machine for any home gym. Maxing out at a top speed of 22km/h, and with an adjustable 10% incline range, this treadmill offers plenty of workout versatility, suiting anything from a slow walk to high powered hill sprints. This machine also features a walking belt of 46″ x 152″, meaning there”s plenty of room for a variety of users, along with FlexSelect Cushioning allowing you to switch between cushioned impact reduction and a firm surface to replicate a road. With 32 pre-set workout apps you are spoilt for choice with every training sessions, allowing you to challenge yourself more and more every time. Get accurate pulse readings on the go with EKG Grip Pulse Handlebars, and keep cool with the Autobreeze workout fan. Featuring a sleek 7″ full colour capacitive touch display, you workout feedback has never been easier to read and monitor. As if that wasn”t enough, the T12.0 is iFit® enabled, allowing you to gain access to a new workout every day, automatically track your progress, replicate real-life runs with Google Maps™, compete with your friends, and custom-tailor your training to your specific goals (subscription not included). Additionally, this machine features iPod compatible audio along with 2 – 3″ speakers and integrated tablet holder, allowing more advanced user interactivity and keeping you entertained and motivated whilst your work up a sweat. Its space saver design and easy lift assist feature makes this machine ideal for the home environment, enabling convenient repositioning and transportation when not in use. *Please note – the tablet device shown in the images is not included* SPECIFICATIONS Drive System: 3.0 CHP Drive System Roller: 1.6″ precision machined and balanced non-flex rollers Digital Quick Incline Control: 0 – 10% Digital Quick Speed Control: 0 – 22Km/h Walking Belt: 46 x 152 cm FlexSelect Adjustable Cushioning: Switch between cushioned impact reduction or a firmer surface to replicate a road Workouts: 32 pre-set workout apps Display: 7″ full colour capacitive touch display. The tablet device shown in the images is not included. iFit® Enabled: For more advanced user interactivity iPod Compatible Audio: Featuring 2 – 3″ speakers EKG Grip Pulse: Providing accurate pulse readings on the go Space Saver Design: Ideal for the home environment Easy Lift Assist: For convenient repositioning and transportation Integrated Features: Tablet holder; Autobreeze workout fan User Capacity: 125kg

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