Morgan Plyometric Box Set of 3

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Morgan Plyometric Box Set of 3

The Morgan Plyometric Box is meant to give you an efficient and dynamic experience in your step exercises. This set comes with 3 plyometric boxes of different sizes. MORGAN PLYOMETRIC BOX SET OF 3 The morgan 3pcs plyometric box set is supplied as 1 x 12-inch, 1 x 18-inch and 1 x 24-inch heights, the plyometric box jump requires a fast, powerful movement by rapidly contracting muscles to elevate the body off the floor and onto the box. Plyometric box jumps not only improve power and strength, they also burn a significant amount of calories when done in higher sets, box jumps are a full body, function movement that not only engage fast twitch muscle fibres in the legs, but also require the explosive use of the hips as well as core utilization of many CrossFit workouts Made from square tubular steel construction with fully welded frames High grip landing surface Packs easily with in itself 30cm (12″) platform has a 33cm square landing surface 45cm (18″) platform has a 37cm square landing surface 60cm (24″) platform has a 41cm square landing surface

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  • Brand: Morgan
  • SKU: CF-23
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