Hardwood Big 4 – Supersized Wooden Giant Connect Four Game

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Hardwood Big 4 – Supersized Wooden Giant Connect Four Game

Hardwood Big 4 – Monster Sized Wooden Connect Four Style GameThis classic game requires skill strategy and a sharp eye as you compete with your opponent to get 4 playing counters in a row while trying to block your opponent from doing the same. The game is started by slotting the disks into the frame one on top of another, the game is won by a player completing a set of 4 disks in a row be it horizontal, vertical or diagonalThis Hardwood Big 4 is a high quality game made from Ash and Rosewood giving an attractive natural finish. The game stands at 1m tall when assembled, making it ideal for all the family to enjoy. It comes with a smart bag allowing the solid counters to be stored safely when not in use.This game requires skill and strategy to connect four of the same colour counters in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. The simple design means the game can be assembled in a matter of minutes allowing play to start straight away and the hours of entertainment to begin, with the simple yet effective metal catch holding the bottom bar in place offering a quick release system for the next game to get started..Includes:Garden Games Ash Big 4 FrameSolid Rosewood LegsRosewood Bottom Bar21 Black Counters21 Green CountersStrong Counter Storage BagInstructions and Game RulesFeatures:Perfect for children and adults meaning entertainment for all!Durable wooden frame for a more classic lookSize: 100cm x 120cm x 35cmWeighs 18kgSelf Assembly required Assembly Time: 15mins

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